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Finding quality, individualized treatment services can be difficult. We created The Right Way Recovery Services so that you have a compassionate advocate on your side every step of the way. We pride ourselves in finding the right services for each person so that you or your loved one has the very best shot at success the first time.

recovery is rad.

Our compassionate and experienced coaches are standing by ready to help. Right now.

The beginning of a whole new life, the new you, of something great…Your first step to an amazing life in recovery!

Our mission is to offer clients and families various options of addiction services that best serve their needs. We provide customized recovery plans, treatment programs, and relapse prevention strategies to give the people we help the best chance at long-term recovery from addiction. We know this decision can be the difference between life and death so we take great pride in making sure you have the best chance the first time.


Safe, effective, and proven drug and alcohol treatment programs and powerful relapse prevention techniques for a healthy and happy life in long-term recovery.

Dual-diagnosis treatment has a higher rate of success for individuals who have co-occurring disorders. Untreated co-occurring disorders are a common cause of relapse.

Eating disorders such as overeating, starvation, purging, or eating of non-food items are patterns that may have severe, and even life-threatening consequences.

As many as 18% of American adults struggle with anxiety and depression every year, which often leads to self-medication and drug or alcohol addictions.

Those who struggle with trauma and PTSD often seek refuge in drugs or alcohol. The right treatment program can be very effective at overcoming both afflictions.

Those who struggle with addiction often struggle with healthy relationships. Sometimes, a relationship can be an addiction in itself, and treatment can help.

The Right Way Recovery Founders

Meet the Team

We’re a team of compassionate, caring addiction treatment professionals who have decades of combined experience in successful addiction recovery services.

Interventionist & Co-Founder

Casey Ross

I am a certified interventionist and my specialty is working with families to make sure that they are getting healthy while their loved one is in treatment.

Recovery Coach & Co-Founder

Kimberly Acocella

I have personally and professionally dedicated myself to improving the lives of others, repairing families, and providing hope.

I finally was able to discover why substance abuse treatment wasn’t working for me. Pam from the Right Way Recovery pointed out I needed a dual-diagnosis rehab program that would treat my depression at the same time. She was kind, considerate, caring and her help saved my life.

Elena Y.
Los Angeles, CA
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