The fascination with drugs and alcohol stems from an innate attraction to danger that we all have on some level. What makes each of us different is the degree at which we give in to our curiosities.

It’s true that some people are genetically vulnerable and have high levels of impulsivity, making them more at risk for substance abuse. Exposure and accessibility due to the person’s culture or community also make it more likely for others to try drugs and drink alcohol. And when drug and alcohol abuse is the social norm, it almost feels natural and necessary to participate. Abstain, and you risk losing your place and the acceptance of the people you want to impress.

However, times have changed. We face our bullies. We embrace our quirks and kinks. We stand up for the little guy. We refuse to be victims. We defy peer pressure. We stop blaming media, society, or Hollywood for making drugs and alcohol seem cool because it ultimately falls on us to think for ourselves.

Whether directly or indirectly, we see now more than ever the impact substance abuse has on people, on society, and our communities. We’ve lost favorite celebrities to drug overdoses. If anything, we can thank the media for celebrating sobriety and exposing the realities of substance abuse disorders. We see the deterioration of public figures’ careers and relationships because of alcohol abuse. We see people enter recovery, reclaim their power, and start new chapters in their lives with pride.

‘Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll’ is no longer the definition of what’s cool. Being sober is anything but mundane. The benefits of sobriety may surprise you. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Abuse-Free and Attractive – Your skin is a reflection of your body’s state of health. Dark circles under your eyes, lackluster skin, and a pale complexion are all signs of deteriorating health. Substance abuse can cause sleep deprivation which speeds up aging, dehydrates your skin, and causes acne and all sorts of skin problems. When you’re sober, you sleep better. And when your body functions are happy and healthy, your skin complexion improves. And when you sleep better, you have more energy, eat better, live better, and look better overall.

More Money, More Stability – True, more money isn’t the cure for everything. However, more cash in your pocket and financial stability is a universally appealing trait. Name one person who says they wouldn’t want more cash. Money spent to fuel a drug or alcohol addiction means less money to spend on the better things in life, like food and a roof over your head. And how uncool is spending money on a habit that could potentially kill you, cause you to lose your job, ruin important relationships, and even land you in prison?

Sobriety = Survivor = Strength – Strength is sexy. Suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and seeking help makes you a warrior. Conquering a problem with substance abuse is a lifelong journey and commitment. Being in recovery means progress, living a life of authenticity, taking accountability, and learning to love yourself again. What’s sexier than that?

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