Why do so many people who need treatment for addiction or alcoholism refuse to seek it? Are they discouraged by someone from getting professional help, or are there other factors involved? The truth is there is a list of internal and external barriers. Just one of these or a combination may be powerful enough to keep people who are struggling with a substance abuse disorder from getting the help they need. Here are the top 5 that may be preventing your loved one from accessing addiction treatment:

 1.- Stigma

Shame is not a positive motivator. And unfortunately, the reality is that those who live with addiction and alcoholism often feel too embarrassed to face their condition and admit their problem. They worry about losing their jobs, what their loved ones will say, and being looked down on by their community. Addiction is classified as a disease, and there’s plenty of evidence that some have a genetic predisposition to addiction and drug abuse. But society can still be cruel with its judgment and biased opinions that are rooted in a misunderstanding of addiction.

 2.- Cost of Treatment

It’s true that there are addiction treatment centers that cost thousands of dollars a day. However, addiction treatments vary, and some are entirely free. There are programs to fit every budget. Insurance is one of the most common ways to pay for addiction treatment. If you don’t have insurance, there are still other ways to get treatment for free or find financing options. Rather than thinking of rehab as taking on debt, consider it as an investment towards your health, well-being, and future.

 3.- Belief They Can Quit on Their Own

Some people dealing with addiction and alcoholism fail to see the severity of their problem. They somehow believe they are still in control and can quit anytime. Unfortunately, their judgment is clouded because of the addiction. Despite good intentions, the belief that they can manage the disease on their own keeps them from seeking treatment until they hit rock bottom or worse. It’s helpful to remind them that stopping an addiction on their own is similar to going to the ocean and attempting to stop a wave. It cannot be done as the wave’s force will overpower them. And to prevent from being dragged into the undertow, they need outside help to get them out of danger.

 4.- Lack of Support

Support is one of the most important things that a person living with addiction or alcoholism needs to stay sober. While it’s crucial for the individual struggling with the disease to practice self-love and go into treatment of their own free will, knowing they have the love and support of those near and dear to them can keep them on the right track.

Often, those with drug addictions and issues with alcohol abuse enter rehab after loved ones stage an intervention. While the individual struggling with substance abuse issues may feel betrayed and defensive at first, they eventually understand that the tough love comes from a place of genuine concern and desire to see them regain control of their life.

 5.- Addiction Treatment Accessibility

Many people with substance abuse disorders don’t have access to treatment facilities, which are often concentrated in urban areas. This means traveling long distances for those who live in rural areas. Many of the low-cost or free rehab centers also have long waiting lists, making it hard for individuals who want treatment to get it right away.

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