Addiction treatment can be confusing. let us help you find recovery the right way.

Right Way Recovery provides free screening, guidance, coaching and referrals to evidence based, scientifically proven addiction treatment programs. Our services are offered free of charge to everyone regardless of an individual’s financial status or ability to pay for services.
(Not all services are available free of charge. Contact us for details.)

to bring comfort and healing to
those who still struggle

Its not just about recovery, its about discovering how amazing life can be in recovery. At The Right Way, all of us have experienced the pain of addiction. All of us have experienced unimaginable hurt and trauma in our lives, and we know what it feels like. Having discovered recovery in each of our own lives, we’ve passionately created The Right Way to bring comfort and healing to those who continue to struggle with their own recovery.

With decades of collective experience in addiction treatment and successful long-term recovery, we’ve reviewed, researched, vetted, and built relationships with dozens of addiction treatment providers and recovery services that we believe in. But even still, every one of us will go out of our way to find the perfect resources for each individual that needs our help. We aren’t partial and we don’t play favorites. Our client come first, always.

We have resources for every individual who is committed to changing their life, no matter the individual’s financial situation. For every individual committed to recovery, we pursue every angle to make sure that person has a chance at a long, healthy life in recovery. Those who call on us will find a compassionate advocate for their recovery, without judgement or disrespect. We are not pushy or rude, nor will we try to persuade you to programs or services that you are not completely comfortable with.

If you are struggling, we do urge you to get help. Our urgency and motivation is to prevent further injury or premature death due to substance use. However, nearly as important is sharing the complete joy and happiness that we’ve found in recovery. We do recover. And better yet, we’ve experienced positive transformations in our lives that we never though were possible. So we urge you, please get help today.

Meet The Team

We’re pleased to Meet You!

Our phone line is always answered by one of the four of us. Our photos and bios are listed below. Please feel free to take a moment and read each one to get to know us. When you feel comfortable reaching out, give us a call. You may also email each one of us directly and discreetly by clicking on one of our images below.

Casey Ross
Casey Ross
Interventionist & Co-Founder

I am dedicated to helping those suffering from addiction and/or mental health disorders create a life they love.  I am a certified interventionist and my specialty is working with families to make sure that they are getting healthy while their loved one is in treatment.

I have extensive knowledge in the field of recovery and am a person in long term recovery myself. I work with people to create a treatment path that works for them and ensures that they have the best chance at long term recovery the first time. I know that everyone is different and people deserve to have a path that works for them.

Recovery Coach & Co-Founder

I have personally and professionally dedicated myself to improving the lives of others, repairing families, and providing hope. Working in the treatment industry for the past 19 years and my own lived experiences have given me the unique ability to relate to the struggles and successes of the people that I help.

I take pride in forming and maintaining relationships with people on the path to recovery and their families as well as the individualized treatment programs we partner with so that each and every person has a real chance at long term recovery.

We Understand that everyone’s individual circumstances vary.

We strive to assist each person in finding recovery services that will be the best fit for them. We help all those who call on us to find the right program for them.

So What’s next?

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