Recovery brings complete joy and happiness. let us guide you there.

For those struggling with an addiction or other mental health disorder, understanding treatment options and making the right decisions is often confusing or overwhelming. The Right Way provides guidance, coaching, and referrals to proven and pre-vetted programs. Our services are offered free of charge to everyone, regardless of an individual’s financial status or ability to pay for services.

life in addiction is hell.
life in recovery is unimaginably amazing.

Addictions involving drugs and alcohol are very common, and very treatable. Every individual who struggles with addiction has multiple options available for overcoming addiction.

In recent years, the drug and alcohol treatment process has become more complicated. Finding the right drug and alcohol treatment programs can be confusing, bewildering, and even paralyzing at times. Add to that the current news headlines about unlicensed treatment centers, insurance fraud, and body brokering and those who need help will find themselves in a nearly impossible situation.

The Right Way exists to help individuals make sense of all of the options and risks associated with drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We eliminate the confusion and provide safe, effective, and proven options to give our clients the best opportunity for a healthy and happy future in long-term recovery.

We’re here and available 24/7 to answer questions about addiction treatment, recovery, and help spread awareness about how amazing live can be in recovery. Don’t wait any longer – addiction takes the lives of many wonderful people every year. Count on us to help overcome addiction and find a new, amazing life in recovery.


We Understand that everyone’s individual circumstances vary.

We strive to assist each person in finding recovery services that will be the best fit for them. We help all those who call on us to find the right program for them.

So What’s next?

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