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For those struggling with an addiction or other mental health disorder, understanding treatment options and making the right decisions is often confusing or overwhelming. The Right Way provides guidance, coaching, and referrals to proven and pre-vetted programs. Our services are offered free of charge to everyone, regardless of an individual’s financial status or ability to pay for services.

overcoming an eating disorder can be more difficult than drug and alcohol recovery

In addition to drug or alcohol addictions, eating disorders are another very common behavior pattern that may have severe, damaging, and even life-threatening consequences. Eating disorders may include overeating as well as starvation, purging, eating of non-food items, or other non-specified unhealthy eating patterns.

Eating disorders are considered to be behavioral addictions, and often require a regimented treatment program to overcome or resolve. Eating disorders may affect men as well as women. Eating disorders are highly treatable just as drug and alcohol addictions are, but often times it is more effective to seek out programs that specialize in eating disorder treatment.

Finding the right program that addresses eating disorders and underlying issues can be difficult. There are many programs available that specialize in certain types of eating disorders, and finding the right one for individual circumstances is often a daunting task. The Right Way Recovery has the experience and resources to find the right treatment programs for any eating disorder. We coach our clients through every step of the treatment process and are available at any time to offer guidance and solutions.


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We strive to assist each person in finding recovery services that will be the best fit for them. We help all those who call on us to find the right program for them.

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