Recovery brings complete joy and happiness. let us guide you there.

For those struggling with an addiction or other mental health disorder, understanding treatment options and making the right decisions is often confusing or overwhelming. The Right Way provides guidance, coaching, and referrals to proven and pre-vetted programs. Our services are offered free of charge to everyone, regardless of an individual’s financial status or ability to pay for services.

sober companions and sober transport done the right way

As in individual newly in recovery, there are many circumstances where we may be traveling alone and with great temptation to pick up a drink or drug. Situations such as traveling to or from a treatment center, on business trips, weddings, or even family reunions may be trigger for relapse.

A sober companion is an individual who is trained and experienced in confronting triggers and maintaining recovery. He or she will provide compassionate accountability and friendship during a long trip away. Sober companions can also identify behaviors and emotions that may be precursors to relapse and intervene with healthy coping mechanisms.

A sober companion hired by a family member will keep in constant contact during the trip, reassuring all that their loved one is doing well and keeping on track. If any issues arise, the sober companion will work with the family to ensure a safe and healthy resolution. As recovery coaches and sober companions, The Right Way offers compassionate and skilled sober companion services for long-distance travel. Contact us today to learn more.


We Understand that everyone’s individual circumstances vary.

We strive to assist each person in finding recovery services that will be the best fit for them. We help all those who call on us to find the right program for them.

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